Five Ways to Fight off the Winter Blues

Around this time every year, I always start to feel a bit run down. I’m not sure if it’s all the running around for the holidays finally catching up with me or if it’s just the moody weather but I always find myself mentally and physically exhausted. The winter blues seem to have hit me especially hard this year with stress even physically manifesting in the form of a MEGA annoying eye twitch and a very tense neck. Talk about frustrating. Between work being particularly grueling and my mother-in-law’s health this year has gotten off to a bit of a rough start.


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This time of year is by no means the easiest so I thought I’d share with you all my top five ways to fight off the winter blues and recharge!

  1. Take a Break. As you might have noticed I took a bit of time off both from blogging and from social media and boy was it refreshing. I’m by no means a professional but this industry can get extremely competitive and discouraging. It is so easy to lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place and this break is just what I needed to re-focus and kill the comparison game. Taking time to mentally and emotionally (and sometimes physically) step away for a while can leave you feeling recharged and more excited than ever to get back to work!
  2. Get Outside and Get Moving. As much as I hate it, exercise really does make a big difference. Typically when I’m feeling down the only thing I want to do is lay in bed all day long and eat cookies. But a quick way to pep yourself up is to get try your best to get up and get a little blood flow going. My favorite thing to do is to take our dog to the park since he always get me up and running. At the very, very least, I’ll go a sit out on our porch with a cup of tea and listen to a podcast or read a book I’ve been meaning to finish. Sometimes all I needed was a bit of sunshine and a nice breeze to pick me up.
  3. Treat yo’self. It’s probably not the most fiscally responsible thing to do but I do love to buy myself something nice. More often than not, it’s just a pretty bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s that made me smile or a little plant to keep me company at work. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes a new pair of shoes gets thrown in there to pick me up, but sometimes it’s just a little thing to spark joy in my time at home.
  4. Hobbies. Make it your business to reconnect with an old hobby. Sometimes as we get stressed out and busier and busier we forget the things that we used to take time out of our day to do. Whether its pottery or reading or refinishing old furniture just do it. There is something so satisfying to me about picking something you used to love doing and finding that love again. Personally, for me this would be knitting. I picked it up again recently about eight or nine years of not doing it and I almost forgot how much I enjoy it!
  5. Bathtime. If all else fails grab some bath oils or bath bombs, light a few candles, play some music, and draw a nice steamy bath. I know baths aren’t for everyone, but for me nothing works to lull me into relaxing like a good bath. I know that if nothing else works I can make a cup of tea, draw a bath, and feel good as new!

I hope you can take a little inspiration from today’s post especially if you’ve been dealing with feeling down. While these methods of self-care work for me they may not for you so let me know if you have any methods that work for you! Finally, never be afraid to admit when you’re not feeling 100% yourself or if you need support. Always, always find someone to talk to if you need it and don’t let anyone make you feel ashamed for needing a shoulder to lean on.


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