Styling Services

I am so excited that The Haute Series will be offering this personal styling service for all those interested! If you have a big event that you need a hand with or just need a wardrobe refresh, I’m your girl!

Seasonal Capsule Package $35


  • Current Lifestyle & Wardrobe Assessment:
    • Brief discussion of what it is that you need styling for. It is business attire, casual attire, help with a big event, or is it just a refresh on your wardrobe
    • We will determine here what you have already, what you need, and what you’re interested in trying out
  • 30-minute phone, skype, or text/email Consultation:
    • Here I’ll learn a bit more about you and what it is that you like. I’ll narrow down your style preferences and get a complete idea on what you love!
    • I’ll find out what you’re interested in specifically. For example, is it an emphasis on clothes, shoes, or accessories for your current wardrobe.
    • We’ll discuss your budget needs and I will need current clothing and/or shoes sizes
    • Feel free to send me your Pinterest boards and/or photos for inspiration!
  • Curated Collection of 30-50 pieces based on what has been discussed previously.
    • From the above steps I will create a collection of looks and how to style them with links to find exact products.
    • Based on what has been previously discussed, you will either get 30-50 pieces for a single season, event, or pieces to take you through each season!


A La Carte- These options are quick and dirty. Maybe you don’t have time for all the steps or you just want suggestions for one particular item.


  • Trendy Item $15
    • Is there one trendy item that you’d love try but you aren’t quite sure how to style? I’m here to help! I’ll send you 4-5 looks revolving around a central piece.
  • Capsule Wardrobe $20
    • No time for the full package? Pick a season and I’ll create a neutral based capsule wardrobe. This will typically include 20-25 pieces for you to create a solid foundation for your wardrobe, all you have to do is add the fun stuff!



If this sounds like something you need don’t hesitate to contact me at to get started!